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Were you notified that you were in the Top 10 in the Nation in one of the Virtual Events (V01 - V10)? Submit your project/presentation recording to show off your project in the Virtual Event Showcase and become the Best in Show!

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NOTE: All files are password protected and you will receive the password from the competition proctor on the day of competition.


You do not have to register/schedule a time slot for the Open Events.  The Opens operate under an open lab rule, where you will join one of the open testing windows (Webex Rooms) for the Open Events as they are listed in the Conference Schedule.  The URL for the Open Events is:

The Parliamentary Procedure Team objective test will occur the same day as the live demonstration tasks.  The contest administrator will provide the team with the password to download the competition booklet that contains the instructions for completing the objective test portion.

You can download a pre-made presentation template full of icons, graphics and the National BPA logos here: 2020-WSAP-Competitive-Event-Media-Package

If you need any assistance regarding the Virtual NLC, please email

Download the 2021 Virtual NLC Competition Webex Room List. 

NOTE: Competition Webex rooms are only for competitors and they should only enter at their scheduled presentation time.




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